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  • The Chamber consists of over 750 members here on Nantucket. You can be one of those businesses by joining today! Join by clicking here.

    Nantucket has a small tight-knit community that is very helpful when starting your business on the island. There is support from other businesses, residents, etc. The small community also makes it easier to market your business and get the word out quickly to a large number of people. 

    Employee Wellness

    As a business we know you care about your employees. The following information about employee wellness may be helpful. 

    As always, if you have a medical emergency, call 911. 

    If your employee is looking for a physician, the best place to start is at the Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Their website is https://nantuckethospital.org/ and their phone number is 508-825-8100.

    If you are seeking assistance with mental health and wellness for your employees the following links are useful.

    Fairwinds provides confidential, quality professional care to adults and youth on Nantucket who seek mental health and addiction services. All are welcome, regardless of ability to pay. Their website is https://www.fairwindscenter.org/ and their phone number is 508-228-2689. Their emergency phone number is 508-221-3315. 

    Addiction Solutions of Nantucket offers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioids, alcohol, and other substances. Their website is https://addictionsolutionsnantucket.com/ and their phone number is 508-680-4013.

    Alcoholic Anonymous meets every day on Nantucket and at multiple times. Please see this link: https://www.nantucketaa.org/meeting-list

    Narcotics Anonymous also meets on the island. Please see this link: https://nerna.org/meetings-by-area/nantucket-area-meetings/

    The Suicide Crisis line functions on Nantucket: Call 988

    Offshore Wind Energy - Updated 3/31/23

    The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce has not taken a stand for or against offshore wind energy, but we strive to offer information to facilitate education and dialogue on this issue.  Currently, our position is against issuing permits for the wind farms until a comprehensive economic impact survey can be completed by a third party.  Additionally, we would want to determine the economic impact as a result of the concerning environmental impacts outlined in the following reports.

    The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has released their draft environmental impact statement, including the



    The public comment period is open until APRIL 3rd 2023 on the proposed SouthCoast Wind Energy (formerly Mayflower Wind Energy) project. You can submit public comments here: https://www.regulations.gov/document/BOEM-2023-0011-0001

    The Town of Nantucket also has a page of information on its official website dedicated to Offshore Wind Energy. You can access that page here: https://www.nantucket-ma.gov/1396/Offshore-Wind-Work-Group

    From BOEM representatives:

    When the public comment period concludes on Apr. 3, 2023, BOEM will analyze comments, conduct further analysis as necessary and prepare the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). BOEM’s responses to the comments received could take the form of new alternatives considered, changes to impact conclusions, factual corrections and more.  

    All of the relevant information collected throughout the NEPA process, including this public comment period, is needed so that an informed decision can be made on whether to approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove the SouthCoast Wind Construction and Operations Plan, and if so, which mitigation measures to require. 

    The Department of the Interior's Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management (ASLM) makes the decision at the Record of Decision (ROD) stage of the process. The ROD is currently scheduled to be published in December 2023 for the SouthCoast Wind project.

    MassHealth for Employers

    Federal COVID-related Medicaid coverage rules are ending in April 2023, which means hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents are expected to need new health insurance as their MassHealth coverage ends. MassHealth’s process of redetermining the eligibility of 2.3 million people who are currently MassHealth members will take approximately 12 months, starting in April 2023.

    Please use this link for more information: MassHealth for Employers

    Food Events on Nantucket

    The number of events on Nantucket have increased over the past few years, so the town's Health Department has developed informational tools and updated permits to help guide those who want to participate in Temporary Food Events. The updated forms can be found on the town’s website on the Health Department’s webpage: https://www.nantucket-ma.gov/2257/Health-Department.

    General Information regarding Temporary Food Permit Events: www.nantucket-ma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/43642/General-Information-regarding-Temporary-Food-Events-PDF

    Temporary Food Permit Checklist: www.nantucket-ma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/43643/Temporary-Food-Permit-Checklist-PDF

    Temporary Food Permit: www.nantucket-ma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/11236/Temporary-Food-Event-Permit-PDF

    There is also an Event Coordinator Application: www.nantucket-ma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/44367/Event-Coordinator-Application-PDF. This application would apply to those events with 10 or more Food Vendors.

    Nantucket Chamber of Commerce

    The Nantucket Chamber of Commerce is a great way to market and advertise your business! We send out weekly e-newsletters that promote new #ACKChamberMembers, events that are coming up, Islander Card deals, workshops and so much more. If you are a Chamber Member advertising on here is FREE and it gets out to thousands of people all over the island, and around the country.

    Chamber Resources

    Chamber Conference Room: 
    Need a space for a business meeting, workshop, retreat, etc? The conference room inside the Chamber is available for rent at your convenience! The room seats 25 people and with the rental you will have access to the Chambers conference phone as well as the Wifi! 
    Member Rental Rate: $75 / half day and $150 / full day 
    Non-profit Member Rental Rate: $50 / half day and $125 / full day (Learn more about ReMain Nantucket's Community Engagement Initiative and download the form for assistance!). 
    General Public Rental Rate: $150 / half day and $300 / full day 
    Advertise with the Chamber
    We, the Nantucket Chamber, offer various ways to market your business, both free & paid. Free options for your business is to be featured on social media, in our e-newsletter, and as a member you are automatically found in our printed & digital guidebook. For paid options for your business, your business can place an ad in our guidebook, send out an individual e-blast to our subscriber list, receive premium placement in our e-newsletter, place a banner ad on our website, become an enhanced member and update your Chamber webpage, and MORE! To learn more about your advertising options, click here!

    Recently Launched: Nantucket VR with Giguere Interactive. Let the world tour your business, make purchases, and learn more all from the touch of their screen. 

    SCORE Business Resources:

    12-Month Profit and Loss Project Template
    Download the template by clicking here!
    Track your revenue and expenses so you can forecast your profits and losses for the next 12 months 
    Will examine revenue, cost of sales, gross and net profit, operating expenses, industry averages, and taxes 

    Quick Start Marketing Plan Tool 
    Click here to build your own marketing plan using SCORE's Quick Start Marketing Plan Tool 
    Will help you compile a range of actions and solutions that you can tailor to your business
    Coordinated marketing plan will increase your chances of success by strongly positioning your business and its products and services in the marketplace 
    20-30 minute process 

    Can’t attend a workshop? Take a webinar! 
    SCORE hosts free, LIVE webinars every week on small business tips and strategies 

    Other Community Resources

    Housing has been an ongoing issue on the island and has been in shortage for some time now. ReMain has provided grant funding to the Town to enable an Independent Housing Consultant to focus on public policy initiatives and developing funding sources to help alleviate this problem. In collaboration with the Civil League, the Nantucket Chamber is launching Homeshare to help employers find housing for their staff and for homeowners to rent a house, apartment, or room to a hard working Nantucket employee. To learn more about housing click here!

    Other resources:


    Information regarding the Town of Nantucket regulations can be found at nantucket-ma.gov
    Other town links

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