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Help With Your Business

The Nantucket Chamber of Commerce is a great resource to help you with your new business on the island. We can provide you with resources, help you make connections, and support the successful launch and growth of your new business on the island. The Nantucket market is different from other markets in the region. This is where the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce can help. We strive to bridge the gap between existing resources and the highly localized needs of our entrepreneurs by offering business coaching, group educational programs, and a network of mentors tailored to the needs of Nantucket’s unique market.

We offer free one-on-one business consulting sessions. Typically the sessions are about 60-90 minutes, and if needed can be followed up by additional free sessions. We also host educational workshops for free or at a low-cost. The workshops are on a variety of topics including creating a business plan, raising capital and effective advertising strategies.

To schedule time with a business consultant or to learn more about how the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce can help your business, please email us at

Do you already have a business on Nantucket but want to help those who are just getting started? Thank You! The Nantucket Chamber of Commerce wants you to consider becoming a mentor and teach these entrepreneurs all about the challenges and rewards of creating a business on Nantucket. Please email us at or give us a call at 508-228-1700.

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