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    30 miles off Cape Cod's south coast, the island visitors are greeted by weathered wharves linked by cobblestone streets to an utterly elegant town.  We hope to see you on our beautiful island. Below you will find our guidebook, how to arrive, stay, play, and dine, and more!


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    The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce and its over 750 members welcome you to our beautiful island, deemed "Best Island in the World" by National Geographic. Whether you’re looking for information about the Daffodil Festival Weekend or Nantucket’s Christmas Stroll, or planning a vacation to play on our fabulous beaches and bicycle paths, dine in our Zagat-rated restaurants or book a room in our world class accommodations, Nantucket Island promises you a memorable vacation experience through all that our Chamber members have to offer!

    The community of Nantucket Island is devoted to creating a sustainable environment.  Island living means we need to live and work to respect and conserve our beautiful natural environment.  Merchants, residents, visitors, restaurants, hotels and inns – we all do our part to recycle, conserve electricity, and use water wisely.  Our conservation efforts extend to historic preservation of our homes, museums, lodging and restaurant facilities.  And, more than 50% of Nantucket Island’s land is open space – held in conservation by several land trust organizations.  Walk the stunning paths over the island’s moors, beaches, forests, and grasslands to experience the wonders of Nantucket’s natural beauty and appreciate why we work so hard to be a sustainable community.

    We invite you to enjoy the hospitality of Nantucket’s beautiful environment and welcoming people!

    The Nantucket Chamber Staff

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