• Chamber Holiday Red Ticket Program

  • Nantucket's Red Ticket Program - November 1, 2021 - December 24, 2021

    To encourage shopping local for the holiday season and promote the sustainability of island commerce, the Chamber continues its popular Holiday Red Ticket Program, with participating Chamber member businesses giving out one red ticket for every $25 purchase.
    The program commences on November 1st, with merchants dispensing two red tickets for every $25 spent on Double Red Ticket Days, November 28th, December 5th, December 12th, and December 19th.

    The Red Ticket Drawing will take place on December 24, Christmas Eve at 3pm 


     Are most of your purchases under $25? Reach out to Karmen to find a way to still participate


    1. You may choose one of the following three levels of participation. Please note: these funds do not benet the Chamber, but merely cover the cost of prizes, advertising, tickets, and production.

    a. Pay $500: Receive 8,000 tickets, in rolls of 1,000 or 2,000. Businesses using more than 8,000 tickets (8 rolls) will be

    charged an additional fee of $50 for every additional roll of 1,000 tickets.

    b. Pay $325: Receive 5,000 tickets, in rolls of 1,000 or 2,000. Businesses who would like to purchase any additional

    rolls will be charged an additional fee of $50 for every additional roll of 1,000 tickets.

    c. Pay $100: Receive 1,000 tickets. You must agree to dispense tickets for all 8 weeks, buying more rolls as necessary.

    All additional rolls will be charged $100 for each roll of 1,000 tickets.

    2. Customers are given one ticket for every $25 spent at the time of purchase, regardless of the type of payment (cash, check, or credit card) from Nov 1 – Dec 24 at end of the business day.

    3. Please pick up your tickets on or after Oct 29 at the Chamber. Tickets will not be issued without payment. You may distribute tickets

    to customers starting November 1.

    4. This year, our annual HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (featuring double red tickets) falls on Saturday, November 27, and Saturday, December 11.

    Participating businesses must give out 2 tickets for every $25 spent. Be sure to stock up on ticket rolls prior to that Friday.

    5. Tickets, unused tickets, and rolls (labeled with your business name) MUST be returned to the Chamber office NO LATER THAN 10 AM ON DEC 24.

    You may drop off tickets prior to Dec 24. To keep the event on schedule, businesses must be responsible for separating tickets.

    6. If you are collecting red tickets for a non-profit organization, please inform a representative from that organization that they must pick up the donated tickets from you, participate in the drawing and have their organization’s tax ID number available. You will be given a flyer to display in your window identifying you as a participant. Display ads listing participating businesses will appear in community advertisements. Only businesses that have paid for their tickets will be listed in the ads.


  • Double Red Tickets will be issued by participating businesses on Saturdays throughout Nantucket Noel (11/28, 12/5, 12/12 & 12/19). Merchants will dispense two red tickets for every $25 spent. Double Red Ticket Day Participating Businesses are highlighted in RED and will have which dates the are participating listed.  

    Your business has the option to sign up for an Exclusive Double Red Ticket "pop up" day. Available for small businesses and each day it will be announced on the Chamber Social Media pages only! Please sign up in advance for your pop-up double red ticket day by emailing  Karmen@nantucketchamber.org.

    To promote shopping local, participating businesses may host their own DOUBLE red tickets day, which will be announced exclusively on the Chamber's social media pages. Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to be in the know! If your business would like to host one, please email Karmen@nantucketchamber.org.

  • Various participating businesses will be offering discounts and promotions throughout the holiday season. To learn more and see all deals, head to our HOT DEALS page here!