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    About Us

    About Tailwind Air
    Tailwind Air is a veteran-owned business, motivated by a passion for aviation and urban mobility. Founded in 2012, Tailwind Air is experienced in amphibious seaplane operation, and committed to delivering time savings to customers by utilizing access to waterways and smaller airports closer to urban cores. In addition to seaplanes, Tailwind Air operates, charters, and maintains a fleet of over fifteen jet and turboprop aircrafts based out of Westchester Airport, NY and Bridgeport, CT. Tailwind Air is an FAA and DOT licensed direct air carrier with certificate number XORA037U

    About Tailwind Air Seaplanes
    We a young fleet of modern, safe, and reliable Cessna Caravan amphibian seaplanes. With over 2,500 built, Caravans operate with regional airlines throughout the United States and the world. All flights are capable of landing on water or land, feature two pilots, comfortable seating, crisp air conditioning, and an incredible view.

    Fly the Fast Lane


    Takeoff and land in Manhattan
    Takeoff and Land in Boston Harbor
    Flying directly where you want to go
    Scheduled Service Destinations
    We can go right up onto the beach
    All our seaplanes have wheels too

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