• Cobblestones & Cranberries

  • Cranberries and Cobblestones Nantucket
  • Cobblestones & Cranberries is a Shop Local initiative presented by the Nantucket Chamber. Various local businesses will be participating!

    Save the date October 7 - 10, 2022.

  • 2021 Cobblestones & Cranberries was Brought to You By:


  • Important Dates

    Sept 23 - Register For The Storefront Decorating Contest

    Sept 30 - Register Your Business To Participate In The Shopping Event


    Oct 5 - Submit Discount / Gift Card


    Oct 6 - Get Your Shopping Cards & Stickers

    Oct 7 - Start Voting For Storefront Decorating Contest Online

    Oct 7 - 10 - Welcome Shoppers, Give Out Bingo Cards & Apply


  • $25 To Participate In The Shopping Initiative,

    $25 To Participate In The Storefront Decorating Contest




    $40 To Participate In Both The Shopping Initiative & Storefront Decorating Contest


  • We had 41 businesses participate in the 2021 #ShopLocal initiative and over 215 entries!!! 

    Think about how much money that brought back to our island community! Through #ShopLocal initiatives such as this, we hope to keep Nantucket's business community alive and well through these tough times. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR OUR ISLAND BUSINESS COMMUNITY! We couldn't do it without you. 
  • How it works - Businesses:

    Sign up to participate in this year’s weekend-long #ShopLocal initiative of Cobblestones & Cranberries! By participating, your business will be advertised through various marketing promotions! To entice shoppers, you can provide a discount for the weekend and a giveaway valued at $25 or more for the grand prizes that can be picked up or mailed out. We will build excitement around the idea of #ShopLocal & #ShopNantucket.

    For the Storefront Contest, “Fall on Nantucket” is our theme. Judging online for "People's Choice" will begin on Friday, October 1. Please have your storefront decorated by Thursday, September 30th at 12 PM for pictures. Online judging will take place throughout the weekend at nantucketchamber.org/vote.

    To participate in the shopping initiative, please register by Friday, October 1 to have your business listed on our shopping bingo cards! Visitors and locals will participate by purchasing an item in your store or restaurant valued at $5 or more. The Chamber will provide cards, stickers, and shopping bags by Thursday, October 7, along with an “I’m Participating” flyer. Your business will be listed on our website with any discounts or gifts you are providing.

    If you have a gift card or discount you would like to provide please send to Bianca by 3:00 pm on Thursday, October 7 at bianca@nantucketchamber.org.


    This year's Storefront Decorating Contest theme was "Fall on Nantucket". We had six storefronts participate and they all did an amazing job. Thank you to everyone who voted, there were about 150 online votes. The Chamber will be around to drop off ribbons to our storefront winners.

    1st Place - Pageo Jewelers, 46 Main Street

    2nd Place - ACK 4170, 18 B Federal Street

    3rd Place - Current Vintage, 4 Easy Street

  • How it works - Shoppers:

    To be involved in this year's initiative, all you have to do is walk around and shop at participating stores from October 8 - October 11. The more places you shop, the better chance you have at winning great prizes! 

  • Celebrate Shopping Local



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