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    Nantucket — dubbed "Best Island in the World" by National Geographic  — is the Faraway Land 30 miles off Cape Cod's southern coast. Visitors stepping off of the ferry are greeted by weathered wharves linked by cobblestone streets leading to an richly historic town. The entire island —a mere 50 square miles —has recently been designated a National Historic Landmark, and its diminutive scale makes for easy exploration of its myriad sights and rich living history.  At the heart of the island's enchantment is idyllic Main Street--named "One of America's Greatest Main Streets" by Travel & Leisure Magazine; a centuries-old aggregate of remarkably preserved 18th and 19th-century architecture coexists, along shady streets and byways, with

    au courant shops, galleries, hotels, bed & breakfasts, and restaurants featuring award-winning, inspired cuisine.


    The island's 82 miles of picture-perfect, freely-accessible, and highly-acclaimed beaches alone are worth a visit on your next vacation!  Nearly half of Nantucket's 30,000 acres are preserved under the protective stewardship of the Land Bank and Conservation Foundation. Within these pastoral tracts, 100 botanical and 300 bird species--many of them rare--luxuriate. A 32-mile network of gently-meandering bicycle paths invites exhilarating exploration of town and its hinterlands.


    Well-preserved historical sites, as well as downtown's Cultural District comprised of museums, theaters, and galleries ensure visitors can immerse themselves in Nantucket's diverse treasures. Alternate the in-Town experience with dreamy days relaxing on land or sea — or "hanging ten" on southern beaches popular with surfers! Nantucket is one of America's most prestigious ports of call; in season, the variety and opulence of vessels moored in Nantucket Harbor is impressive. Sophisticated palates will find extraordinary dining in sumptuous, simple or al fresco settings. Island cuisine has as its hallmark local seafood, which is fresh, plentiful and delicious.


    A bevy of pastimes, so much natural splendor and endless recreational pursuits make the Faraway Island a peerless destination.

    Below are travel resources on how to get to Nantucket. There is no bridge!  And, it's not necessary to bring a car, as convenient public transportation services allow easy access to all parts of the island. Check out the map of Nantucket island for more information!

  • Airlines

    Even though the island is 30 miles out to sea, Nantucket has the second-busiest commercial airport in Massachusetts. Our airport is easily accessible to both local and major airlines and aircraft charters. Flights are convenient and are available year-round from airports in Boston, Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard, and Westchester/White Plains. Airlines such as JetBlue, Delta, American and United Airlines operate seasonally from JFK, LaGuardia, Westchester, Newark, Washington, DC, and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.
  • Ferry Services

    Hy-Line Cruises and Steamship Authority are the two ferry lines that provide convenient, year-round service from Nantucket to the main-land, and vise versa. Both ferry lines run a high-speed passenger catamaran with a travel time of an hour. The Steamship Authority also runs a traditional car-and-passenger ferry, with a two and a half hour travel time. Secure, on-site parking is available at both terminals for a nominal fee. Freedom Cruise Line in Harwich Port and Seastreak in New Bedford provide seasonal high-speed ferry service to the island. A seasonal inter-island ferry operated by Hy-Line Cruises runs between Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard from late May to early October.

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  • Bus & Train

    Thanks to commuter bus and train services to and from the Hyannis Transportation Center, located two blocks from the harbor, getting to Nantucket from New York City and Boston is a breeze. Plymouth & Brockton Bus Line provides convenient services from Boston’s South Station and Logan Airport. Peter Pan/Bonanza Bus Lines depart from New York (Port Authority), with an approximate 6 hour travel time. A seasonal train, the CapeFLYER, operated by Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, offers convenient weekend passenger service from Boston to Hyannis.


  • Public Transit Shuttle

    Nantucket Regional Transit Authority runs “The Wave”, which is a year-round shuttle bus services multiple routes all over the island. Some of these routes include transportation to Jetties and Surfside Beaches, and a Fast Ferry Connector from Faregrounds Road and the airport. The shuttles depart from downtown Nantucket and travel to mid-island and outlying areas, then loops back into town. All buses are handicap-accessible and accommodate two bikes on a first-come, first-served basis. Passes may be purchased aboard all buses or at the GreenHound Building on Washington Street.

  • Taxis & Auto Rentals

    Both taxi and car rental services are available on-island year-round, with convenient locations in Town and at the Airport.  Nantucket is small and extremely walkable, so please consider leaving your car in Hyannis, where both ferry lines operate secure lots. Parking can be difficult on-island, particularly in high season, and it is rather expensive to ferry your car back and forth. 

  • Biking

    What better way to experience Nantucket than by bike?  At 14 miles long by 3 ½ miles wide—with predominantly smooth terrain (no hills!) and spectacular vistas, biking on the “Grey Lady” is a veritable delight. Twelve designated trails—over 32 miles of paths—traverse the island, with many suitable for the novice bikers and families. Our bike shops will provide everything you need for your adventure—from a map and helmet to a suitable, properly-maintained bike built exclusively for the island landscape. Most rental shops also provide free roadside service. Sustainable transportation, coupled with a great workout. “Get on your bike and ride!” 

  • Walking, Biking, & Driving Tours

    Nantucket Island is full of must-see attractions that can be accessible both on foot, by bike, or by car. With beautiful views of beaches, cliffs, and a variety of different landscapes, all walking, biking or driving tours will give you a great feel for the island and the natural beauty that it possesses. Not only will you see charming landscapes and views but you also might learn about the history of the island and certain locations on Nantucket. 


    The island’s supportive and inclusive community of entrepreneurs, craftspeople, fishermen, hospitality industry, and people from all walks of life—and lifestyle—embrace newcomers with gusto and respect those whose lives are distinctively different from theirs.  Nantucket’s hotels and bed-and-breakfast inns—some gay-owned and operated—graciously welcome same-sex couples and families, as do island businesses.  Being gay or simply “different” is not an issue on the Grey Lady.  Considering the island’s wide appeal, visitors from across the world—and from all walks of life and lifestyles—descend upon Nantucket to immerse themselves in its sophistication, charm, beauty, and endless opportunities for recreation.

    A growing number of businesses specialize in gay travel, same-sex weddings, and other aspects of the LGBT lifestyle.  In fact, the Chamber of Commerce has an extremely proactive LGBT marketing effort in place, and the island offers a wealth of cerebral, affluent and enjoyable sights, live theater and entertainment, attractions and recreation, plus a tantalizing spectrum of restaurants purveying food  as well as cuisine appealing to more sophisticated palates.  Island-wide, you’ll discover highbrow shops, boutiques and galleries catering to both locals and visitors with a discerning eye.

    If it’s experiential travel you seek, look no further.  Whether a foodie event, off-beat recreation or arts and cultural pursuit, experiences bringing visitors into close communion with Nantucket also bring them into confluence with their inner beings. You’ll find a plethora of food and wine events, art classes, book, yoga and music festivals, lectures and more happening throughout the year.

    With its singular beauty, Nantucket is a popular venue for weddings.  Couples will find no shortage of unique spots to marry, celebrate and vacation.  Larger numbers of island hotels and lodging establishments are actively seeking gay and lesbian couples who demand more sophisticated venues for weddings, receptions, and the honeymoon of their dreams.  Nantucket continues its legacy of equality and welcome for one and all.  Come visit this stunning, sophisticated, and unforgettable place.  As we like to say, “it’s all here!”


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