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Red Ticket Raffle

Red Tickets start November 1st

Winners will be drawn December 24th

To encourage shopping local for the holiday season and promote the sustainability of island commerce, the Chamber continues its popular Annual Red Ticket Program. With participating Chamber member businesses giving out one red ticket for every $25 purchased. In 2021 over 570,000 Red Tickets were distributed by Chamber Member merchants to their customers. With each ticket representing a value $25, that approximates to over $14 million in sales generated through the program.

Are most of your purchases under $25? Contact to discuss ways to participate.

Double Red Ticket Saturdays: Double Red Tickets will be issued by participating businesses Saturdays throughout Nantucket Noel. Sign up for your own POP UP Double Red Ticket Day by emailing

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1. You may choose one of the following three levels of participation. Please note: these funds do not benefit the Chamber of Commerce, but merely cover the cost of prizes, advertising, tickets, and production.

a. Pay $500: Receive 8,000 tickets, in rolls of 1,000 or 2,000. Businesses using more than 8,000 tickets (8 rolls) will be charged an additional fee of $50 for every additional roll of 1,000 tickets.

b. Pay $325: Receive 5,000 tickets, in rolls of 1,000 or 2,000. Businesses who would like to purchase any additional rolls will be charged an additional fee of $50 for every additional roll of 1,000 tickets.

c. Pay $100: Receive 1,000 tickets. You must agree to dispense tickets for all 8 weeks, buying more rolls as necessary. All additional rolls will be charged $100 for each roll of 1,000 tickets.

2. Customers are given one ticket for every $25 spent at the time of purchase, regardless of the type of payment (cash, check, or credit card) from Nov 1 – Dec 23 at end of the business day.

3. Please pick up your tickets on or after Oct. 28 at the Chamber. Tickets will not be issued without payment. You may distribute tickets to customers starting November 1.

4. This year, our annual Home for the Holidays featuring double red tickets falls on Saturday, November 25, Stroll Weekend which is December 1-3, and Saturday, December 16. Participating businesses must give out 2 tickets for every $25 spent. Be sure to stock up on ticket rolls prior to each weekend.

5. Tickets, unused tickets, and rolls (labeled with your business name) must be returned to the Chamber office NO LATER THAN 10 AM ON DEC 24. You may drop off tickets prior to Dec 24. To keep the event on schedule, businesses must be responsible for separating tickets.

6. If you are collecting red tickets for a non-profit organization, please inform a representative from that organization that they must pick up the donated tickets from you, participate in the drawing and have their organization’s tax ID number available. You will be given a flyer to display in your window identifying you as a participant. Display ads listing participating businesses will appear in community advertisements. Only businesses that have paid for their tickets will be listed in the ads.



red ticket raffle

 2022 Participating Businesses

ACKcetera - 122 Pleasant Street

ACK Natural- 19 Spearhead Drive

Airport Gas - 10 Airport Road

Annie and the Tees Inc - 19 S Water Street

The Antiques Depot - 2 S Beach Street

Arrowhead Nursery - 9 Wampanoag Way

Aunt Leah's Fudge  16 Straight Warf #3

Bartlett's Farm - 33 Bartlett Farm Road

The Black Dog Tavern Co. - 32 Main Street

Blue Beetle - 12 Main Street

Borobabi - 18 Federal Street

Breezin Up - 48 Main Street

BRIX Wine Shop - 1 Windy Way

Cisco Brewers - 5 Bartlett Farm Rd

Cold Noses - 5 Straight Wharf

Computer Solutions - 35 Old South Road

Core 1B N Beach Street #2 

The Dance Space - 15 Teasdale Circle

Dan's Pharmacy - 110 Pleasant Street

Don Allen Auto- 24 Polpis Road

Épernay Wine & Spirits - 1 N Beach Street

Erica Wilson - 25 Main Street

Erin Hielle LLC  - 0 Main Street

Flowers on Chestnut - 1 Chestnut St

Four Winds Gifts - 8 Straight Wharf

Freedman's of Nantucket -14 Centre Street

Geronimo's Pet Supplies - 119 Pleasant St # A

Get Joy Food & Co.

Glistn - 5 Old South Road

Grace Geier - 16 Straight Wharf

Hatch's Package Store - 133 Orange Street

Jeweler's Gallery - 21 Centre Street

The Green Lady Dispensary - 11 Amelia Drive

The Green Market Nantucket - 4 India Street

The Haul Over - 7 Salem Street

Holdgate's Island Laundry - 4 Vesper Lane

Island Carpet - 82 Old South Road

Island Lumber Company 1 Polpis Road

Island Variety - 59 Old South Road

Island Treasures - 128 Old South Road

Jewel in the Sea - 6 Straight Wharf

Mid Island Fuel - 41 Sparks Ave

Milly & Grace - 2 Washington Street

Mitchell's Book Corner - 54 Main Street

Murray's Toggery Shop - 62 Main Street

Nalu - 14 Cambridge Street

Nantucket Bookworks - 25 Broad Street

Nantucket Dreamland Theater - 17 South Water St 

Nantucket Energy - 25 Bunker Street

Nantucket Looms - 51 Main Street

Nantucket Pharmacy - 45 Main Street

Nantucket Run Centre - 36 Centre Street

Nantucket Wine & Spirits - 31 Sparks Avenue

Pageo Jewelers - 46 Main Street

Pip & Anchor - 14 Amelia Drive

Southern Tide - 34 Main Street

Stephanie's Nantucket - 42 Main Street 

Summer Shades - 6 Straight Wharf

Swain's Travel - 35 Old South Road #2

Stop & Shop - 9 Salem Street and 31 Sparks Avenue

Toujours Midi Nantucket - 30 Main Street

Vis-A-Vis 34 Main Street