• Nantucket Island Center for Entrepreneurship 

  • Nantucket Island Center for Entrepreneurship
    The Nantucket Island Center for Entrepreneurship (NICE) launched in January 2019 with the mission of creating the optimal local environment where resources are provided, and connections are made, to support the successful launch and growth of new businesses on the island of Nantucket. 

    While many wonderful regional/national resources exist for entrepreneurs, the Nantucket market is distinct and therefore requires a highly localized approach to incubating new businesses. The staffing and logistical challenges of operating on an island, as well as seasonality factors, make starting and scaling a business here particularly onerous.  NICE strives to bridge the gap between existing resources and the highly localized needs of our entrepreneurs by offering one-on-one business coaching, group educational programs, and a network of mentors tailored to the needs of Nantucket's unique market.  Focusing on early stage companies, NICE complements Chamber programming and resources for more established members of the business community.

    For more information about NICE please see our Frequently Asked Questions or email karen@nantucketchamber.org

    Business Consulting Services
    The Center offers free, one-on-one business consulting sessions.  Aspiring as well as newly established entrepreneurs are encouraged to sign up. During these sessions, entrepreneurs are free to vet business ideas, review business models/financial forecasts, receive advice about marketing strategies, discuss funding resources, or any other topic that will help them progress in their journey.  Initial sessions are typically 60-90 minutes, and may be followed with additional free sessions as needed.  To apply please complete this simple survey.

    Educational Workshops
    The Center offers also offers free or low-cost workshops, on a variety of topics, such as creating a business plan, raising capital and effective advertising strategies.  Check here often for a list of upcoming events.

    Nantucket's First Annual Pitch Competition is this Saturday, October 5, 2019! Register here!

    Watch the panel discussion from our Growing Great Companies event, held in conjunction with the Nantucket Conference:


    Become a Mentor

    Do you have experience running a business on Nantucket?  Then you know how incredibly challenging it can be to operate on this island.  Please consider becoming a mentor. Please email Karen Macumber (karen@nantucketchamber.org) if you are interested in participating in our mentorship network.


    For more information about NICE please see our Frequently Asked Questions or email NICE@nantucketchamber.org