• Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce to co-host Retail Marijuana Forum

  • The Maria Mitchell Association, Nantucket Land Council, and Sustainable Nantucket to Host the Third Annual Nantucket Green Crab Week

    Join the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association (MMA), Nantucket Land Council (NLC), and Sustainable Nantucket (SN) for the third annual Nantucket Green Crab Week! The MMA, NLC, and SN will be offering fun daily events from August 8th to August 12th to learn about, and take action against, invasive European green crabs on Nantucket.
    European green crabs were first introduced to North America in the 1800s, likely traveling the ballast water of merchant ships from Europe. This invasive species is now abundant on Nantucket, threatening crucial aquatic resources, including eelgrass beds, shellfish populations, and native crab communities here on the island. Together, as a community, it is possible to help prevent green crabs from destroying the natural resources that make Nantucket’s waters so special! So please come join us during Nantucket Green Crab Week to learn more.
    The Maria Mitchell Association is a private non-profit organization. Founded in 1902, the MMA works to preserve the legacy of Nantucket native astronomer, naturalist, librarian, and educator, Maria Mitchell. The Maria Mitchell Association operates two observatories, a natural science museum, an aquarium, a research center, and preserves the historic birthplace of Maria Mitchell. A wide variety of science and history-related programming is offered throughout the year for people of all ages.
    Nantucket Land Council is a 501(c)3 environmental advocacy organization – protecting and preserving open space, harbor, pond, and groundwater, and advocating for the environment at Select Board, Planning Board, and Conservation Commission meetings.  The Nantucket Land Council also hosts the State of the Harbor Forum each year and Oysterfest each November to educate residents on the state of our water resources, and what we can all do to help maintain this critical resource.  For more information on the Nantucket Land Council’s environmental work and initiatives, please visit https://www.nantucketlandcouncil.org.  
    Founded in 2000, Sustainable Nantucket’s mission is to preserve the community character of Nantucket while sustaining its economic and environmental vitality. Sustainable Nantucket (SN) is a grassroots, local, non-profit organization that is building a more locally-based and self-reliant food system on-island through education, advocacy, training, and partnerships which include farmers, fishermen, local food producers, schools, restaurants, and other community stakeholders


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