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  • Support NCTV on March 6 at a Public Information Session

    March 4, 2019

    The future of Nantucket’s Community Television Network is at the crossroads. Support NCTV18 on March 6 at a Public Information Session.

    The Nantucket Community Television (NCTV18) organization seeks an additional 2% franchise fee from Comcast—to reach the more commonly accepted 5% budget given to many communities nationwide. The Select Board will hear from the Cable Advisory Committee, NCTV18, and the community prior to considering the terms of the new contract with Comcast.

    Nantucket, MA: NCTV18 is a local nonprofit, appointed by the town, serves the island community by broadcasting a range of local events, town meetings, and local stories. Over the past decade, NCTV18 has offered classes to adults and youth. It’s youth program has inspired many of Nantucket’s students to pursue media arts, journalism, or communications design majors.

    On Wednesday, March 6 the future direction of NCTV18 will be decided. Nantucket’s cable service provider, Comcast, currently gives back a 3% franchise fee to the community through its funding to NCTV18. Regionwide, cable services provide many communities with a franchise fee, averaging 5%. NCTV18 and the Cable Advisory Committee, seek the support of the Select Board and the community, to ensure Comcast’s Nantucket franchise fee is raised by 2%. This increase will put Nantucket on par with Martha's Vineyard, as well as the majority of the community television stations in New England.

    “This is it, this day will determine if we can move forward to negotiate with Comcast to increase to the standard 5% franchise fee. This will be NCTV18’s tipping point for the next ten years,” shared Lisa Getter, NCTV18’s Executive Director.

    On March 6 from 4:30-5:30pm, there will be a public information session discussing this topic. At 6pm, the Cable Advisory Committee will present it's recommendations to the Select Board, at which time the Select Board will discuss and then vote on the Cable Advisory Committee's recommendations. This is open to all, and all those interested are encouraged to attend.
    For more information, contact:

    Lisa Getter, Executive Director
    (508) 901-5499