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  • Statement on Recent Acts of Hate, Discrimination and Injustice

    Statement on Recent Acts of Hate, Discrimination and Injustice

    (June 2, 2020) We stand in solidarity with the fight against systemic racism. These acts condemn many in our communities to live with fear, apprehension and anxiety that have been allowed to persist for far too long. The Nantucket Chamber condemns these and all acts of hate, discrimination, and injustice, and join so many others in their sorrow, anger, and commitment to action.

    On Nantucket, as well in other towns and cities across the nation, there have been peaceful demonstrations to honor George Floyd. These peaceful demonstrations were organized as a call to action and to promote change throughout our society. Our neighbors are standing in solidarity, willing to say enough is enough, and working to create a better future together.

    Racism and injustice cannot be tolerated. We must stand together to collectively speak out against systemic oppression. I ask you to join us in this effort and to take your own steps to push back against racism and injustice to help drive meaningful and lasting change that ALL of our communities deserve. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to connect your business with resources. Let us know how we may do more or help you get involved in this work.

    We are an organization whose mission is economic prosperity and strong communities, and we recognize the tremendous costs of institutional discrimination, particularly to communities of color, and especially the Black community. We know we have a lot of work to do. We will listen, learn, and find ways to take action to be better allies for the black and brown communities. 


    Kristie Ferrantella 
    Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce


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