• Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce to co-host Retail Marijuana Forum

  • Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association to Host Annual Aquarium Release Day

    The Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association (MMA) announces that its annual Aquarium Release Day will take place on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022, from 10am-12pm at the MMA Aquarium, 28 Washington Street. Join MMA staff for refreshments, games, and activities as they release this season’s Aquarium inhabitants back into the ocean. This event is free to the public, and a great opportunity to learn about the marine animals of Nantucket.
    The MMA Aquarium is dedicated to educating the public on the importance of biodiversity in our unique marine ecosystems found here on Nantucket. Each summer, the MMA Aquarium’s Director, Jack Dubinsky, as well as his team of dedicated college interns and volunteers, explore the shores of Nantucket and collect an assortment of marine life to feature at the popular Washington Street aquarium. They snorkel, seine, and beachcomb to find over 100 different marine animals to learn about, and care for, throughout the season. These marine animals represent roughly 70 different species collected by the MMA staff in tandem with local fishermen.
    When the Aquarium closes at the end of the summer, the MMA typically hosts over 200 people at the annual Release Day event to say goodbye to our marine friends, and safely return them to the ocean until we encounter them again.
    The Maria Mitchell Association is a private non-profit organization. Founded in 1902, the MMA works to preserve the legacy of Nantucket native astronomer, naturalist, librarian, and educator, Maria Mitchell. The Maria Mitchell Association operates two observatories, a natural science museum, an aquarium, a research center, and preserves the historic birthplace of Maria Mitchell. A wide variety of science and history-related programming is offered throughout the year for people of all ages.


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