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  • Artists Association of Nantucket Announces the winners of the 2022 Juried Artist/Patron Exhibition

    The Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) is pleased to announce the winners of the juried 2022 Artist/Patron Exhibition at the Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery. Mia Bergeron, AAN's August Artist-in-Residence, was our juror. Residing in Chattanooga, TN, Mia has been trained at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Harvard Extension School, and the Charles H. Cecil Studio in Florence Italy. Patron, AAN vice president, gallery volunteer, and chair of the Permanent Collection Committee Pete Steingraber, a long-time collector and supporter of the arts, added his choice of patron award.

    Their choices are highlighted with a gold seal and include works in oils, acrylics, Gouache, watercolor, mixed media and two photographs.

    “Having been on hold for the past two years due to Covid concerns, we are delighted to bring back jurors for this important exhibition, which includes a vast selection of remarkable art,” said AAN artistic director Robert Frazier. “I know each artist is honored to have been chosen.”

    All the art from the 2022 Artist/Patron Exhibition, including the award winners – if not
    already sold – will be on display in the Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery19 Washington Street through Monday, September 5.

    The Winners are:
    1st Place:
    Miles to Go, Oil by Elizabeth Congdon
    2nd Place: Eider Reflections, Gouache & Watercolor by Morgan Sayle
    3rd Place: Nana’s White, Collage by Sandy Flavin

    Patron Choice: 
    Cosmic Camouflage
    , Acrylic by Zoe Markham

    Honorable mentions went to:
    Windy Day,
    Acrylic by Susan Briskman
    NOW! Watercolor by MJ Levy Dickson
    Atop Great Point Light, Photo by Susan Duane
    Sunset Sail, Oil by Laura Rizio

    Mia also chose additional works in three mediums: sculptural, photography and oil painting. Those acknowledged works were: Big Maple Bowl, Carved maple wood by John Williams; Lineup, Photo by Lauren Marttila, and In the Clear, Oil painting by Joan Albaugh.

    Artist /Patron exhibition will be on display until September 5 at the Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street - in the heart of Nantucket’s Cultural District and a stone’s throw from Main St. The gallery is open daily—please call for hours, 508-228-0294.

    To learn more about the AAN, visit the website at nantucketarts.org . or follow our Instagram
    @ackartists. For information about AAN’s 2022 carefully crafted programs, call 508-228-0722


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