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  • The Artists Association of Nantucket Annual Meeting Artist & Patron Awards

    The Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) is pleased to announce the 2022 Artist and Patron Awards, presented at the Annual Meeting on Monday, August 15. Chosen by their peers and voted on by AAN Trustees and Board members, the awards were presented to those in attendance by AAN executive director Courtney Bridges and board president Patty Keneally. Many of the awards are named after long-time artist members, and loyal supporters of the AAN. The awards truly reflect the numerous talents of the organization and represent both patrons and long-established artist members, as well as more recently accepted artist members. And for the first time in our AAN history, we introduced a Lifetime Achievement Award.

    “It was such a delight to present these awards at the Annual Meeting, and we are so grateful for the enthusiasm and support of both our artist members as well as our dedicated and robust board. These awards are truly one of the highlights of our meeting, and we congratulate each one of our loyal and devoted winners,” said Courtney Bridges.

    And the awards went to:

    Lifetime Achievement Award
    John and Judy Lochtefeld 

    Robert C. McDougall Promising New Artist Award
    Allison Hudson

    William Welch Painting Award
    Jocelyn Sandor Urban

    Hal Gomeau Patron Award
    Courtney Muller

    George Smith Artist Volunteer Award
    Erika Christensen Scully

    Randy M. Goldberger Teaching Award
    Elizabeth Congdon

    Liz Schaeffler Sculpture/3D Award
    Jodi Levesque

    Pat Gardner ‘En Plein Air” Award
    Sandra Flavin

    C. Robert Perrin Watercolor Award
    David Sharpe

    Photography Award
    Barbara Clarke

    Mixed Media Award (2-way tie)
    Tricia Deck and Elizabeth Nicholson

    To learn more about the AAN, visit the website at www.nantucketarts.org . or follow our Instagram @ackartists. For information about AAN’s 2022 carefully crafted programs, call 508-228-0722


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