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  • Dr. J. Xavier Prochaska of the University of California, Santa Cruz to Speak as Featured Guest for the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association’s Science Speaker Series

    On July 12 at 7pm, the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association (MMA) is hosting a live lecture presented by Dr. Xavier J. Prochaska of the University of California, Santa Cruz. His talk, From the Stars to the Sea: Accelerating Discoveries in Science with Artificial Intelligence” is part of the MMA’s FREE Science Speaker Series and will be held both in-person and via Zoom.
    Advances in artificial intelligence are impacting many aspects of our daily lives – from movie and music selection to security and surveillance.  These technologies are also driving new discoveries in science, especially in fields that have collected outstandingly large datasets. Dr. Prochaska will describe advances in Astronomy and Oceanography, two fields driven by observations of the sky and the sea. He will highlight recent developments and preview opportunities with the next generation of telescopes and satellites built to view our universe and oceans.

    J. Xavier Prochaska is a Distinguished Professor of Astrophysics and Astronomy at the University of California, Santa Cruz where his research has focused on the formation of galaxies and the nature of the “Cosmic Web” that connects our Universe. He is also an Affiliate of the Department of Ocean Sciences and is pivoting to a career in Oceanography. Professor Prochaska grew up in Rhode Island.
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    This series is generously presented by our lead sponsor, Bank of America.
    The Maria Mitchell Association is a private non-profit organization. Founded in 1902, the MMA works to preserve the legacy of Nantucket native astronomer, naturalist, librarian, and educator, Maria Mitchell. The Maria Mitchell Association operates two observatories, a natural science museum, an aquarium, a research center, and preserves the historic birthplace of Maria Mitchell. A wide variety of science and history-related programming is offered throughout the year for people of all ages.


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