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  • Sensual Landscapes

    Title of exhibit: Sensual Landscapes
    Date: Friday, August 6th, 5 to 7pm
    Saturday, Bench Talk with Michael Rich, 10- 11am. Susan Hostetler Q+A with Michael

    The last year has been one of his most dedicated time commitment to making paintings.  A new path with bold and broad strokes his  jewel like palette

    “My paintings, drawings and prints explore in a language of abstraction, the notion of place.  Weather and atmosphere act as a primal impetus in my work.  The sea surrounding Nantucket Island, the warmth of a New England Fall and the mountains of my travels appear to me in a world of color and paint as I seek to understand my own place among these fleeting images.

    Often working at a large scale, I come to the canvas free of preconceptions and open to the possibilities of discovery.  Pictures and images are not the aim so much as a resolution that shapes color and mark into an illuminated landscape with the resonance of memory.”

    His work feels fresh and alive, continually offering surprises in color juxtapositions and special arrangements, inviting the viewer to dive in. Light and color, wind and water, observation and contemplation are stirred into wild scenes of abstract beauty that belie the careful control required to make them.


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