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  • ACK 4170 Recipient of SCORE’s Cape Cod & the Islands 2021 Build A Better Mousetrap Award

    ACK 4170 Recipient of SCORE’s
    Cape Cod & the Islands 2021 Build A Better Mousetrap Award
    Nantucket, Mass 1 July 2021 — Susan Fairgrieve’s enterprise, ACK4170™ was today awarded SCORE’s  2021 Build A Better Mousetrap Award for the Cape & Islands.
    Fairgrieve inaugurated ACK4170™ in 2016 after using Instagram as a launchpad to garner considerable social media engagement for a year. In 2017, a comprehensive website catapulted the ACK4170™ brand of Nantucket-inspired goods even further. With a classic line of accessories, apparel, jewelry, home decor, and art evocative of Nantucket style, Fairgrieve’s highly popular, ever-expanding and -evolving line of Nantucket wares of the highest quality and rarity resonates with a decidedly affluent clientele.
    Starting with a classic über-prep and much beloved logo, Fairgrieve’s ACK 4170™ franchise offers completely distinctive crafts and products not available anywhere else on Nantucket as they are created by individual American makers and artists.
    A graphic designer and photographer by education and craft, Fairgrieve’s eye for harmony, balance, texture and composition makes her immensely qualified to offer high-brow bespoke interior design consultations to clients as well as the opportunity to imagine new spaces adorned with her distinctive photography and other works. Also schooled in advertising and marketing, Fairgrieve’s constellation of capabilities in multiple directions earmarked her for success in building from the ground up as well as all the skills needed to launch, market and expand merchandising.
    What keeps Farigrieve focused is her passion for her brand and for life on Nantucket. No one needs to ask her to volunteer time twice, she does good wherever she can. As a business mentor to the business community and generous donor to local charities, Fairgrieve manages her enterprise while giving generously of her time and resources to others.
    A good neighbor, savvy businesswoman, Nantucket Chamber advocate, compassionate doer of good, the Chamber salutes Fairgrieve’s achievements and honors her along with the entire island community.


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