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  • Nantucket Coastal Ecology Course to be held on island, Spring 2022

    Nantucket Coastal Ecology Course to be held on Island, Spring 2022

    For the second year in a row, the Linda Loring Natura Foundation (LLNF) and the Nantucket Conservation Foundation (NCF) will be leading a Nantucket Coastal Ecology course over 5 weeks, starting May 5th. This course provides a broad-based education in the ecology and management of Nantucket Island’s coastal habitats. Designed as a hybrid course, students will participate in virtual lectures paired with in-person field trips exploring coastal areas around Nantucket. This course will dive into the ecology of dominant key coastal habitats, i.e. salt marshes, dune fields, coastal banks, and more. Students will explore how we define climate change impacts, the projected risks and threats locally and regionally, and ways we can manage for climate change and promote coastal resilience through the natural coastal landscapes of Nantucket.

    Using a team-teaching model, Drs. Sarah Bois (LLNF) and Jen Karberg (NCF) will bring their extensive knowledge about Nantucket’s coastal ecology, the importance of Nantucket’s rare ecological resources, and nature-based solutions related to Nantucket’s current coastal resilience efforts. This team-teaching approach allows students to get a broad exposure to Nantucket’s Coastal Ecology. As one 2021 student indicated “Really enjoyed the team teaching format and the tone of the classes. The interaction was fun and I would have happily done more than 5 class meetings in retrospect.”

    Topics covered include general ecology and natural history of Nantucket, in-depth discussion of coastal processes, climate change (e.g. sea level rise, erosion, storm surge flooding, etc.) and what it means for Nantucket’s coastal habitats, current nature-based coastal resilience efforts and potential future coastal responses. While Drs. Bois and Karberg will bring students into the field to explore ecology directly-related to Nantucket, all discussion will also explore examples from other coastal communities around the globe.

    Who this course is for:
    • Individuals interested in Nantucket’s coastal environment.
    • Individuals with a passion for nature and the environment, regardless of educational or professional background.
    • Professionals who want to gain knowledge about coastal ecology.

    2021 marked the inaugural year of this team-taught class with students participating both on and off island. According to one 2021 student “Both (sic instructors) were excellent--knowledgeable, engaged and engaging, great resources, interesting. I really liked the places we went for field trips and their ability to demonstrate live the things we learned in class.”

    Course registration is limited to 20 people. Registration will go live March 7th. Class information and the online registration can be found on the class website: https://llnf.org/coastal-ecology-class

    Questions can be directed to Dr. Jennifer Karberg at 508-228-2884 or jkarberg@nantucketconservation.org


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