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  • NCTV wins 4 awards

    NCTV Wins 4 Awards

    January 28, 2021 — Producers from Nantucket Community Television (NCTV) were nominated for eight awards for multimedia work aired in 2020 by the MASS Access Creator Awards. NCTV took home four awards tonight. The Massachusetts Creator Awards recognizes outstanding work in television and media within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    Civic Engagement
    Features of government programs or people working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities.
    Nantucket Litter Derby
    Creator: Leah Mojer, Founder, Nantucket Litter Derby
    Producer: Dee White, NCTV Lead Producer, Camera, Editor, & Motion Graphics

    Video produced as part of a paid arrangement (may include sponsorships, ads, features, etc). Entrants will be required to disclose the amount paid for the production, which judges may use as a factor in their overall score. Productions that earned funding cannot be entered into any category except the For-Profit category.
    Egan Maritime Institute Making Waves
    Creators: Pauline Proch, Executive Director of Egan Maritime Institute
    Jeff Coakley, Director of Development & Marketing at Egan Maritime Institute
    Producers: Dee White: NCTV Lead Producer, Main Camera, Editor, Motion Graphics
    Frank Schadt, NCTV Camera B

    Demonstrating unique storytelling techniques, whether it be through video, audio, graphics, or editing.
    NCTV What’s New with NCTV18
    Creator: Lisa Getter, NCTV Executive Director
    Producer: Dee White, NCTV Editor, Camera and Motion Graphics
    Writers: Dee White and Rachel Larson Devine, NCTV
    Host/Actor: Andrew Cromartie, NCTV

    Entry should be specifically for a youth audience or by a producer who is either in high school or college. While producers may be students, it is not a requirement of this category.
    Out to See
    Creators: Sue Riddle & Lizza Obremski
    Writers: Sue Riddle & Lizza Obremski
    Editors: Sue Riddle & Lizza Obremski
    Graphics/Illustrations: Sue Riddle & Lizza Obremski
    Producer: Andrew Cromartie, NCTV Lead Producer, Camera
    Motion Graphics: Dee White, NCTV

    Judges remarked that “NCTV delivers high production quality across the board, excellent visuals, and delivers clear and engaging storytelling.” Additional comments were, “Out to See belongs on PBS! NCTV raises the bar.”

    Awards are judged by third-party evaluators who are top media professionals in the field. All entries are judged based on strict criteria to ensure the most outstanding productions are recognized and honored.

    “We are very grateful to The Massachusetts Creator Awards for this honor and award, and I’m very proud of the NCTV staff, membership and professional associates— we have and continue to surpassed our own expectations,” said Executive Director Lisa Getter. Adding, “There are so many more great films and original programming to come from our media arts center in 2021!”

    Representing NCTV to receive the awards was Lisa Getter, Executive Director of NCTV.


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