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  • Guidance to Visitors to the Cape & Islands

    Guidance to Visitors to the Cape & Islands

    Information for Visitors to the Cape & Island’s Community:
    Updated as of November 6, 2020 – Will be updated with changes in local/state regulations

    Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Elizabeth Islands appreciate, welcome, and depend on you, our visitors, seasonal residents, non-resident homeowners, and seasonal workforce. On November
    6, Massachusetts issued orders and advisories related to size of public and private gatherings, use of face coverings in public places and time of closure for businesses or activities.

    Cape Cod and the Islands continue welcoming visitors with some restrictions for:

    • Accommodations of all types (including short term rental of homes, condos, and cottages)
    • Seated dining and take out
    • Retail shops and museums
    • Outdoor historic and recreational activities

    Please check with your host or local business for specific times of operation and available amenities.

    We care about your health and ours, thus all enterprises must certify participation in the Commonwealth’s Mandatory Safety Standards. Please be patient and follow health advisories as we all work to keep everyone safe and healthy.

    We have been successful in limiting the extent of the spread of COVID-19 in our communities by implementing early and vigilant social distancing measures per the guidance of public health officials. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health warns that all of Massachusetts remains vulnerable to new cases due to the highly contagious and insidious nature of this disease.

    We all must do our part to remain safe and healthy by following the common sense precautionary measures outlined by public health officials:
    •  There is a mandatory face covering/mask order in Massachusetts for people over the age of 5. Wear a face covering in public places whether indoors or outdoors, regardless of ability to social distance. Visit this link for details.
    •  Please be advised that the Governor of Massachusetts has signed an Executive Order effective August 1, 2020 that affects travelers to Massachusetts.
      •  All visitors entering Massachusetts including returning residents, unless traveling from a state designated by the Department of Public Health as a lower risk state or otherwise meet an exemption, must:
        • Complete the Massachusetts Travel Form
        • Quarantine for 14 days or produce a negative COVID-19 test that has been administered 72 hours prior to arrival in MA. Please visit this link for specifics on how to quarantine.
        • Visit mass.gov/matraveler to see a full explanation of exemptions and see if the new requirements apply to you and your family.
        • For specific information, please read the full COVID-19 travel order at this link.
      • The Department of Public Health has issued a “Stay At Home” advisory from 10:00PM – 5:00AM restricting the hours and capacity of some amenities & private gatherings. Please see this link for further details: https://www.mass.gov/doc/covid-19-order-54/download
    • Follow public health guidelines and orders:
      • Wash your hands and clean surfaces frequently
      • Practice social distancing by remaining 6 feet away from others
      • Stay vigilant for symptoms and stay home if you’re sick
    • For information regarding Massachusetts COVID-19 response, please visit: Mass.gov/covid19 and Mass.gov/reopening
    We appreciate your support of our local economy. With your help, and all of us working together, Cape Cod and the Islands will recover from this virus and these challenging economic times. We look forward to welcoming you back. Thank you for supporting this place that we all love by respecting this guidance.