• Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce to co-host Retail Marijuana Forum

  • Nantucket Community Television will Launch an Original Programming Series Debuting in Fall 2020

    Debuting in the fall of 2020, Nantucket Community Television will launch an original programming series.
    Leading with a film documentary— THE ISLAND CUP RIVALS FILM, followed by a mini series.
    NANTUCKET, MA; SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 – NCTV18, the broadcast multimedia “go-to” resource for engaging,
    enlightening and entertaining programming about Nantucket, is producing programming about the hidden
    story of traditional rival football games between Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. It’s a journey through
    islander history, THE ISLAND CUP RIVALS FILM DOCUMENTARY will debut on both islands. On Nantucket
    premiere in the Dreamland Theater, Martha’s Vineyard T/B/D, Comcast NCTV channels, and NCTV18.org
    (check local listings and NCTV18 social media channels), in September 2020. Followed by the five-part series
    documenting the past fifty years of how Nantucket families lived, the need for rivalry with its sister island after
    tourist seasons, and how the island demographics are changing.
    The day after Labor Day, island residences shift from chaotic summer activity to an easier pace. “Ahhh, we
    made through another season” is commonly felt among locals. We relax to enjoy the Indian summer, slowing
    down to welcome the on-coming quiet season. The cranberry harvest, autumn leaves, Nor-easter winds,
    wood-burning fireplaces, and more parking spaces are delights during this time of the year! And of course,
    planning social gatherings around football goes without saying. “During the fall season, regional residents
    enjoy watching the Patriots. BUT, islanders LOVE to taunt each other around our traditional football game
    between the Whalers and the Vineyarders called The Island Cup. Players, Cheerleaders and fans alike chant
    ‘Kahuna Nantucket’ or ‘Squash the Grapes’. I'm sure there’s more, but you’ll have to watch the movie. It’s
    primal venting for both sides after seemingly longer high seasons, but it’s all good.” — Arlene O’Reilly,
    NCTV18’s Director of Development and Marketing.
    NCTV18 will capture this is American high school football story where the Whalers (Nantucket) plays against
    the Vineyarders (Martha’s Vineyard). For over fifty years, these island teams have alternated traveling to the
    other island every November. The traveling team often has quite the entourage taking the ferry over for the
    day. The Island Cup games continue to attract large crowds spanning the very young to the elders, year-round
    and seasonal residents on both islands. Ironically, the players in the rival games experience a paradigm shift:
    Whalers verses the Vineyarders, ramp up to beat the pulp out of each other, hit them with their best shots, and
    a mental attitude: “this is the game to win over all the others”. During our interviews, many older players have
    stated this actually creates a bond of respect when alumni meet their former rivals on the mainland. They are
    different, yet the same. Last but not least, change is on the horizon as always and this will be touched upon in
    the film.
    NCTV18 is currently in production with this film. “We have been working with MVTV and both Martha’s
    Vineyard and Nantucket High Schools. I’m very pleased to announce that we plan to develop a scholarship
    program for both schools if our goals are met. It’s a unique collaboration born from rivalry! I’m proud of our
    team that is developing it, particularly Frank Schadt who proposed the film originally. It’s going to be a great
    programming series that will appeal to all generations of residents. Connections on the Vineyard are exploring
    their own fundraiser to contribute towards this film, as they see the value in this film as well. It will be
    interesting on who takes the lead between the two island fundraisers.” Says with a smile and a wink—Lisa
    Getter, Executive Director, NCTV18.
    To meet the goals with this film project, ongoing series, and overhead costs, NCTV18 is launching a
    fundraiser at the Faregrounds Restaurant on November 23, 2019, 5-8 pm. During this event, they will
    present the film trailer showing never-before-seen footage from the movie, as well as fabulous raffle prizes.
    NCTV18 is needing business sponsors who will be credited on select promotional materials, including film
    credits as well as programming spotlights on all channel sources. (Details here) If you are interested in
    underwriting, donating auction items. or volunteering your time for this event, please contact NCTV18.
    About NCTV18: Nantucket Community Television (NCTV18)—Nantucket’s media arts center, is a 501c (3) nonprofit. It
    represents an important and vital grassroots journalism media resource for all of the residents and visitors on Nantucket.
    NCTV18 is the principal television channel for the island of Nantucket. Also known as a community, PEG station. This
    designation means they focus their broadcasts on public, educational, and governmental matters. They air government
    meetings, members shows, and NCTV18 original programing about Nantucket. Additional, they offer educational
    programs and workshops to adult and youth students, teaching the multimedia and communication design.
    Press Release Contacts:
    Lisa Getter, Executive Director, lisa@nctv18.org
    Arlene O’Reilly, Director of Development & Marketing, arlene@nctv18.org