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    News Note
    Date: July 15, 2019
    Contact: Virna Gonzalez


    ReMain Nantucket launches marketing campaign to reduce the barriers to downtown access by encouraging people to walk, bike, or ride public transportation. ReMain Nantucket is launching a multi-media campaign designed to encourage people to walk, bike, or ride public transportation into downtown Nantucket this summer. Visitors, seasonal residents, and year-round community members will be challenged to get more out of the Island by experiencing it car-free.

    “In cooperation with the Town of Nantucket and their “Getting Around Nantucket” campaign, we want to encourage people to consider arriving on the Island without a car and, if they have one, not to bring it downtown this summer,” said ReMain Nantucket executive director Cecil Barron Jensen. “From riding the WAVE shuttle bus or walking along the historic streets and lanes to traveling on one of Nantucket’s many bike paths, we firmly believe that Nantucket is much more interesting when you’re not behind the steering wheel of a car.”

    The campaign also includes collaborations, incentives and special giveaways in conjunction with the Lodging Association, the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, real estate offices, and bike rental shops. We are also highlighting and encouraging people to download and try the bike and walking touring app TrACK, available at all online app stores.

    “The campaign is concentrated on targeting our community in July and August,” added Jensen. “Ultimately, we’d like to change people’s habits and have them consider coming downtown throughout the year without cars. Now, with the WAVE running year round, there is no reason not to hop on and free yourself from the hassle of parking.”

    At the end of the year, ReMain wants to determine the impact of the marketing efforts. “The Nantucket Data Platform will help us evaluate the campaign and measure if we have been successful in reducing the number of cars and traffic downtown this summer,” said Jensen.

    ReMain Nantucket’s mission is to strengthen the lasting social, economic, environmental vitality of downtown Nantucket for future generations, while preserving its unique character and spirit. Access to public transportation and bike paths have been central of the work of ReMain Nantucket since its inception in 2008.

    For more information about the campaign, residents and visitors are encouraged to visit www.morenantucket.com to learn about alternative ways to get more out of Nantucket.
    For further information about More Nantucket and Remain Nantucket, please call Virna Gonzalez at 501-901-4143.
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