• Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce to co-host Retail Marijuana Forum

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    About Us

    Yugo Technology’s platform is a new and efficient software application used to better the nightlife experience. The platform is able to determine the authenticity of IDs with 99.7% accuracy in a matter of seconds, offer consumer analytics to businesses, and provide users with an efficient form of identification.

    Customers sign up for Yugo by entering their email address, then taking a picture of the front of their ID, back of their ID, and a selfie. In less than 30 seconds, a consumer can have their very own digital ID QR code.

    Yugo allows establishments to increase customer relations and retention by reducing lines through quicker ID verification. Further, Yugo allows businesses to see live statistics of their operations as well as analytical reports to drive future business growth.

    Yugo Technology aims to provide its service to the establishments of Nantucket by Summer 2022. Businesses can sign-up through our website www.yugotechnology.com or by emailing info@yugotechnology.com.


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