• Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce to co-host Retail Marijuana Forum

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    We curate massage and retreat services to keep you in the flow of your healthy lifestyle. We believe these activities reduce the profound effects of stress and have a positive uplifted ripple effect throughout society. We believe in walking our talk, that we can inspire others to take care of their health by taking care of our own health. We believe Nantucket is an oasis from the mainland where leaders can connect with the natural world and rejuvenate their mind and body.

    Skip the Nantucket Spa scene and let Lavender Farm Wellness come to you. Lavender Farm Wellness curates massage services and retreats so you can stay in the flow of your healthy lifestyle while on Nantucket. Our local massage therapists and wellness practitioners deliver expert massage therapy and bodywork.

    Don’t let Nantucket be a break from your healthy habits. Lavender Farm Wellness is your destination to relaxation and real health on Nantucket