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    About Us

    Dan LeMaitre is a professional photographer born and raised on Nantucket Island.

    Growing up on Nantucket, constantly surrounded by the North Atlantic, Dan developed a close relationship with the ocean. He picked up his first camera at fourteen; an old film camera he found lying dormant in the attic of his childhood home. As he got older, his eye developed. He began to travel, and his obsession with surfing and photography pushed him to distant shores. Over the past few years, Dan has lived in Australia, California, the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Indonesia, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and the Baja Peninsula.

    A decade later, and Dan has found success in his passion. He is a seasoned photographer with years of experience shooting all facets of commercial photography. In late summer of 2017, he opened his first gallery space on Nantucket, showcasing limited edition prints of his favorite photographs created at home and throughout his travels.


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