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  • Peer Recovery Coach (PRC)

    Posted: 08/17/2022

    This Peer Recovery Coach (PRC) position is an at-will, exempt year-round part-time position. The role is supervised by the clinical director and requires flexible hours Monday-Saturday between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm

    Responsibilities May Include:

    • PRC are individuals in recovery who have lived experience with addiction and/or co-occurring mental health disorders and are trained to help their peers with a similar experience to gain hope, explore recovery, and achieve life goals.
    • Must share recovery experience and use coaching and mentoring techniques to support someone contemplating recovery or in recovery and discuss new strategies for developing recovery-supportive friendships, reconnecting with family, improving family relationships, and identifying and using recovery-community networks.
    • Will support client in making positive life changes and developing skills to facilitate their recovery.
    • Will support client to develop a wellness plan.
    • Provides individual, group, and family mentoring in accordance with assigned client needs.
    • Assesses client’s or family’s needs and eligibility for services.
    • Provides support/mentoring to clients in accordance with applicable credentials.
    • Maintains family contact regarding client adjustments.
    • Participates in interdisciplinary treatment planning meetings/peer supervision.
    • Develops and maintains client case records, notes, treatment plans and reports.
    • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships within the agency, community, and referral sources.
    • Ability to communicate effectively with professionals and clients/families.
    • Ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations.
    • Ability to make accurate assessments and provide appropriate treatment.
    • Spanish fluency is a bonus.
    • Other duties as assigned

    Key Competencies Required:

    • Strong presentation skills
    • Clear thinking and communication
    • Collaboration skills
    • Time management skills
    • Computer literacy
    • Exceptional clinical skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Highly organized and motivated
    • Ability to engage with and relate positively to diverse audiences


    • High School Diploma or a GED, LADCA
    • Must be engaged in their own personal recovery and share real-world knowledge and experiences with others who are on their own recovery path.
    • Strong interpersonal and communications skills (oral and written)

    Responsibilities Will Include:

    1. Clinical caseload of direct care of peer recovery coaching.
    2. Utilization Review Committee (URC), insurance and state audits
    3. Data entry, documentation, duty-to-warn
    4. Proficiency in intakes, safety planning and treatment plans
    5. Other responsibilities as needed

    For more information, please forward contact information, cover letter and resume to careers@fairwindscenter.org


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