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  • Storefront Stories: The Chicken Box

    Storefront Stories: The Chicken Box

    Storefront Stories: The Chicken Box - Celebrating Black History Month Spotlights


    In honor of Black History Month, we’re spotlighting #ACKChamber Black Owned Businesses! We asked Rocky Fox of The Chicken Box a few questions, here are his answers!

    Q: How long have you been in business/in your industry?

    A: I've been in the business for over 35 years.


    Q: How would you describe your business or services?

    A: If Nantucket is a melting pot the, The Box is just a microcosm of that. We’re a live music venue but have done weddings, birthdays, non-profit fundraisers, graduation parties. We’ve pretty much done everything and are always willing to try something new and “outside the box”.


    Q: As a black person entering the industry, how were you received in the industry as you were starting your business vs your treatment now?

    A: You have to remember that the business was started by an African American who owned nearly a quarter of the block so it was well established well before we bought it. We just had to try and not screw it up. I think that if you have the idea and the funds, Nantucket is a very open community and is willing to get behind people with a good idea. It comes down to being able to afford where you are so you’re not living hand to mouth.


    Q: To what do you attribute your success?

    A: We took over in May of 2000. It was already legendary, having been there since 1947 when Willie started it and Seaweed rose the bar a little more. We started doing national acts and working lots more with local charities but never losing the 5 Star Dive Bar feel and always thinking of locals first. 


    I’d be remiss to not mention how HUGE my wife (Lori) and kids (Katie & Tony) played into any success some might perceive that I’ve achieved. Nothing begins without them and without them, this wouldn’t even be a story.


    Q: Who is the most influential black person throughout history in your life and why?

    A: I would have to say that my mom was the most influential black person in my life. She was a single mom in 1965 and that’s never easy no matter what year it is.


    Q: Why do you think it's important to support other black owned businesses?

    A: I think that it’s important to support ALL businesses on Nantucket but know that we must support our own as sometimes their clientele base is not as broad as some others so the more we support them hopefully the easier it will be for them. You just gotta spread the word.


    Q: Any tips or advice for young black people interested in starting their own business?

    A: Do your research and don’t rush in. If the idea is solid and sustainable it will be there when YOU’RE ready. Nantucket has a huge amount of people here winter and summer that are some of the brightest on the planet. Seek them out and ask for advice. You’d be surprised how many are willing to help.


    Q: What can we expect from your company next?

    A: The old motto is “if it ain't broke don’t try and fix it”. After starting the beer garden last summer it will be interesting to see what it will be like to have a beer garden during the day and a music venue at night with whatever capacity we’re allowed.


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