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  • Storefront Stories: Green Lady Dispensary

    Storefront Stories: Green Lady Dispensary

    Storefront Stories: The Green Lady Dispensary - Celebrating Black History Month Spotlights

    In honor of Black History Month, we’re spotlighting #ACKChamber Black Owned Businesses! We asked the team at Green Lady Dispensary a few questions, here are their answers!


    Q: How long have you been in business/in your industry?

    A: We opened in August of 2019


    Q: How would you describe your business or services?

    A: Adult Recreational Cannabis Dispensary


    Q: As a black person entering the industry, how were you received in the industry as you were starting your business vs your treatment now?

    A: When we started out, there were many times where it felt like we really had to prove ourselves to be taken seriously, especially as a black-owned business that sells cannabis goods. There was still plenty of fear surrounding the use of cannabis and misinformation because of prohibition (which parallels the perception of many misunderstood cultures and communities). It took time, perseverance, and faith in what we were doing to get to where we are now and to feel respected as valid members of the community. 


    Q: To what do you attribute your success?

    A: Hard work and determination, despite external forces that may be or have been traditionally doubtful of your legitimacy.


    Q: Who is the most influential black person throughout history in your life and why?

    A: We have always been a very musical family, so one of the most influential black people who we always pay tribute to at the Green Lady is Peter Tosh of the Wailers. The man always advocated for cannabis even as he was repeatedly beaten by police officers in Jamaica for cannabis use. He believed in himself, he believed in the healing potential of cannabis, and even though he faced many trials because of it, he always stayed true to what he believed in. 


    Q: Why do you think it's important to support other black owned businesses?

    A: We are here to lift each other up! Community is everything, you will get back what you give. 


    Q: Any tips or advice for young black people interested in starting their own business?

    A: It is easy to become disillusioned and overwhelmed, it is difficult to push through. Sometimes, in the moment where it feels like you could crumble, the act of continuing on anyway can make all the difference. 


    Q: What can we expect next from your company?

    A: Expect to continue seeing dedication, innovation, and commitment to supplying customers with premium cannabis goods. We are so proud of how far we’ve come, but we will always strive to be better than we were yesterday.


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