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  • Storefront Stories: Anthony "Rocky" Fox, The Chicken Box - Celebrating Black History Month Spotlights

    Storefront Stories: Anthony "Rocky" Fox, The Chicken Box - Celebrating Black History Month Spotlights

    Storefront Stories:
    Celebrating Black History Month Spotlights
    In honor of Black History Month, we’re spotlighting #ACKChamber Black-Owned Businesses. We asked Anthony "Rocky" Fox, from The Chicken Box a few questions, here are his answers!
    Q: How long have you been in business?
    A: I’ve been co-owner of the Chicken Box for twenty three years and worked there ten years prior to that

    Q: How would you describe your business or services?
    A: I would describe it as the Cantina bar from Star Wars. Every creature from the galaxy comes through there.๐Ÿ˜ƒ. I think other than being a bar we offer many services to the community by hosting multiple fundraisers throughout the year.

    Q: As a black person entering the industry, how were you received as you were starting your business vs your treatment now?
    A: We were fortunate as our business was STARTED by a black man (Willie House) who actually owned lots of land back in the day.

    Q: To what do you attribute your success?
    A: Not trying to reinvent the wheel. We knew what we had and we made some building improvements. Sprinklers, new flooring, new roof and new bathrooms thank god ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Q: Who is the most influential black person throughout history in your life and why?
    A: My mom was the single most influential black person I knew. She was a single parent when she had me. She was always there for me during the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.

    Q: Why do you think it's important to support other black-owned businesses?
    A: I think because there’s not that many on ACK and we all need all the help we can get. There should be some sort of organization out here that would help one another. As they say “it takes a village”.

    Q: Any tips or advice for young black people interested in starting their own business?
    A: Do your research and look to see if there’s a market for the business that you’re thinking of starting. Never be afraid to ask questions from anyone no matter their color.Don’t be afraid of the word no. If they say no, find out why and work from there and then…ask MORE questions.

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