Bike leaning against fence at Steps Beach - LSS 2 Sailboats - Galvin Blue Hydrangeas - Galvin family leaving Steps Beach - LSS Brant Point Lighthouse in the fall - Galvin Easy Street - Galvin Main Street - LSS family at the beach - Galvin ferry pulling out of Nantucket - Galvin overlooking Sankaty Lighthouse - LSS Ladies Beach upper path - Galvin couple on Lone Beach - Galvin purple sunset - LSS Rosa Rogosa - Galvin old North Wharf cottage - Galvin Quidnet Beach path - LSS Rainbow Fleet specators at Branch Point - Galvin Roberts House Porch India Street - Galvin Steps Beach walkway - LSS Sconset Beach - Galvin surfing kids on Cisco Beach - Galvin

Nantucket offers every service essential for the island to thrive as a popular vacation destination and a vital year-round community. Our businesses, together with a full range of community services, are the backbone of island commerce and cultivate the same self-reliance practiced by our early settlers.

Nantucket’s police and fire departments, public works, coast guard and 
hospital make it possible to feel safe and secure, while banks, salons, cleaners, landscapers and other home services offer all the comforts and conveniences of the mainland - all on an island 30 miles at sea.