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One of the best ways to tour Nantucket is by bicycle! The island is only 14 miles long by 3.5 miles wide and a dedicated cyclist can bike around the entire island in a day.

Surfside Bike Path: Approximately 2.2 miles along flat terrain. This path begins at Atlantic Avenue and Vesper Lane and ends at Surfside Beach. A water fountain and rest stop are positioned about half way.

Milestone Bike Path: Approximately 6 miles with gentle hills. This path begins at Milestone Rotary and leads to the village of ‘Sconset. A water fountain is available at the rotary.

Cliff Road Bike Path: Approximately 1.2 miles with rolling terrain. This path begins at Crooked Lane and continues along Cliff Road to the Madaket Bike Path.

Eel Point/Dionis Beach Bike Path: Approximately 0.9 miles with gentle hills. This path connects the Cliff Road/Madaket bike paths to Dionis Beach. Seasonal restrooms, parking and public beach access are available.

Old South Road Bike Path:
Approximately 1.5 miles through some open space and residential areas. This path begins at the Milestone Rotary and ends at Airport Road approximately 0.2 miles from the Nantucket Memorial Airport. A rest area is located .05 miles from the rotary near Forrest Avenue.

Madaket Bike Path: Approximately 5.5 miles with gentle hills and winding terrain. The path begins at the intersection of Quaker and Madaket roads.  Rest and picnic areas available.

Polpis Bike Path: Approximately 8 miles with various size hills and a winding terrain. This path, accessible from the Milestone bike path near the intersection of Milestone and Polpis roads, continues along Polpis Road to just outside ‘Sconset. A picnic area is located near Shimmo Pond Road.

Fairgrounds Road Bike Path: Approximately 0.9 miles along residential areas. This path connects Old South Road and Surfside Road bike paths.

Milestone Connector Bike Path: Approximately 0.3 miles through open space. This path connects Old South Road to Milestone Road.

Nobadeer Farm Road Bike Path: Approximately 0.7 miles through mostly open space and flat terrain. This path connects the Milestone Road and Old South Road bike paths.

Hummock Pond Road Bike Path:  Approximately 2.5 miles of mostly flat terrain winding through some open space and some residential areas from Hummock Pond Road and Milk Street intersection to the parking lot entrance at Cisco Beach.

Bartlett Road Bike Path:  Approximately 1.1 miles of mostly flat terrain from the intersection of Surfside Road past residential areas and ending at Raceway Drive, approximately 0.6 miles southeast of Hummock Pond Road Bike Path at Somerset Lane.